Ronix Supreme Capella 3.0 - CGA Life Vest | 2020

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Board Grabs You Didn’t Know Were Possible with A CGA Vest

We’re not referencing the boat, the hipster clothing brand or the pride of Motown’s singing group. Ohhhh no - what we got on our minds is the ultimate aquatic form of buoyancy - The new Supreme CGA jacket. Buoyancy where you want it, freedom of mobility where you have to have it. It could give the Coast Guard and your board a high five at the same time. It’s that Supreme.

The most advanced life jacket out there. The Capella 3.0 vest file is a tailored fit, with a water resistant liner, more flex zones and most importantly we added Air Foam, making it a pound lighter than the rest of our CGA vests – swing weight and buoyancy don’t take a vacation.

-Key Features

  • CGA Vest
  • Capella 3.0 Design
  • Cylindrical Construction
  • Air Foam
  • Manhattan Tailored Fit
  • Water Resistant Liner
  • 2 To 1 Foam Thickness
  • Extended Length
  • 2 Way Stretch Neoprene