Ronix Parks I-Beam Aircore 2 Optical White (2017) (Free Shipping)-139

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  • 2017 Ronix Parks Air Core Wakeboard - 139CM - 130-200 LBS

Ronix Parks I-Beam Aircore 2 Optical White PARKS - AIRCORE 2.0: Thought you knew everything a wakeboard could do? Camber is the biggest development in riding since Herb O'Brien made the first fiberglass layup. Camber naturally puts you in more of a neutrally balanced weight distribution - allowing you to drive off the wake with both legs in a more ergonomically balanced body position. This is the hard charging alternative to our other camber series - The Space Blanket - for the rider that wants instant board response. A fully redesigned shape for 2017 with some major changes including a redesigned camber pocket that greatly increases the glide speed with less drag on the water, a new Air Core with I-Beam Construction, and a thinner tip/tail for less swing weight, with a faster overall rail design. Size HEIGHT (INCHES) CAMBER STANCE (6 inches board/Plate) WEIGHT RANGE (LBS.) 134 2.4 CAMBER 21.5-25.5 UP TO 175 lbs. 139 2.5 CAMBER 23-27 160 lbs. and up 144 2.6 CAMBER 24-28 170 lbs. and up