Ronix One Time Bomb (2018)

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    Ronix One Timebomb W/Fuse Stringers Mint/Blk (2018) For the past 18 years, nobody has defined the progression of a classic 3-stage rocker more than Danny Harf and his signature series. His latest best seller adds something new-Fuse Stringers-for the most explosive 3-stage kick available. 4 Fuse stringers running vertically thru the board. Speedwalls ginve the ultimate glide speed and has less resistance with the water. This means less strain on ur body, giving longer boat sets and increased top water speed. The I-Beam constructed Timebomb core ignites like no ther giving u the hole shot of carbon and the feel of fiberglass. Size HEIGHT (INCHES) 3-Stage STANCE (6 inches board/Plate) WEIGHT RANGE (LBS.) 134 2.2 3-Stage 21.5-25.5 Up to 165 lbs. 138 2.3 3-Stage 22.5-26.5 Up to 180 LBS. 142 2.4 3-Stage 23.5-27.5 170 lbs. and up 146 2.5 3-Stage 24-28 175 lbs. and up