Ronix One ATR (2018)

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    Ronix One ATR W/Fuse Stringers Mint/Blk/Caff. (2018) For the past 18 years, nobody has defined the progression of a classic 3-stage rocker more than Danny Harf and his signature series. THE 3-STAGE ICON Designed from the same shape as the One Timebomb, and features the most iconic 3-stage lift using Fuse Stringers, and a profile with the least amount of resistance with the water. This less expensive alternative construction is for the rider that wants the combination of the hole shot response of a Timebomb, and the smoothness of a traditional board , assembled in our most durable shell. Danny Harf ' s newest best-selling freeride inspired shape. Size HEIGHT (INCHES) 3-Stage STANCE (6 inches board/Plate) WEIGHT RANGE (LBS.) 134 2.2 3-Stage 21.5-25.5 Up to 165 lbs. 138 2.3 3-Stage 22.5-26.5 Up to 180 LBS. 142 2.4 3-Stage 23.5-27.5 170 lbs. and up 146 2.5 3-Stage 24-28 175 lbs. and up