Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail Thruster | 2022 | Pre-Order | Many Shapes Available Per Size!

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 New shape - same high speed big airs off the wake.

Many Shapes Available Per Size!




We took our classic Thruster that’s known for high speed carves for days and throwing down the biggest bottom turns and modernized it in the blue room. The result is a new thinner profile, wider compact Bat Tail outline – designed for the updated, bigger, steeper boat wake. This new hard charger gets to point B quicker and has more smack off the wake for added hangtime. This year we varied the volume of the board by putting more emphasis on altering the width and less on the length. So now you can ride a big board with a very stable overall ride and a lot of drive on a small wake – but still have a short tip length that sits easier in the pocket of a boat wake. Each length varies slightly but the overall volume changes quite a bit because of the contrast in the width of the respective model. Short, medium, long – have now been replaced by narrow, medium, wide, and XL. Now big guys can enjoy shortboard performance with a 4'7" XL, while others can enjoy a board that rolls over on edge with ease on our new 4'4" Narrow. 

Key Features:

  • +Fin – S System

    +Floating Fins

    +1 – 3” Epoxy Fin

    +2 – 3.5” Epoxy Asymmetric Fins

    +Grooved EVA Front / Rear Pad

    +Lava Resin

    +Handmade by Robots

    +Core Vents