Ronix 4.0" - Fin-S 2.0 Tool-Less Left Surf Fin | 2022

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    Ronix Fin-S 2.0 Tool-Less- Surf Fin - Black Description Ronix's 2019 Surf Lineup features Fin-S 2.0, the most advanced wakesurf fins ever made. A thinner profile creates less drag with the water, creating more top-end speed and acceleration. The outside fins now have an asymmetrical shape and cupped inside foil that create noticeably more speed and drive once a turn is initiated. Ranging in size from 1" to 4.5" you can now completely change how your board rides by easily changing the fins in a matter of seconds. Dialing in your board has never been this easy. Welcome to the future of wakesurfing.

    The most simplistic easy to use tool-less fin system created by our friends at Fin-S. A center spring load so you can put the fin on flat without having to apply added pressure to the front or back of a fin like most other fin setups. Combined with a lightweight strong fiberglass epoxy constructed fin for added drive and the least in friction with the water.